Mini HD Security Camera
Mini HD Security Camera
Mini HD Security Camera
Mini HD Security Camera

Mini HD Security Camera

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Monitor What Is Beyond Your Sight

Our Mini HD Security Camera allows you to monitor your home, office, car, etc right on your phone. With all the the security issues around us lately, you need to have everything in video to prove your point when the need arises

High Technology and Durability

The camera is made with high quality materials with the highest technology that will give you excellent performance and durability. It has a build-in rechargeable battery.

WiFi Connection

The Mini HD Security Camera allows you to connect your Android or Iphone via wireless. This feature allows you to see what the camera is seeing. Easy step by step direction is in the manual.

Motion Detection

 Our mini HD Security Camera goes to work as soon as it sense a motion. It works exactly when it needed to work, it does not waste battery and storage by recording at all times

 Easy to Install

The camera has a magnetic plate that allows you to stick it to any surface. You can chose to attach it to the mount it comes with or stick it to any surface you want

Perfect Vision

The Mini HD Security Camera gives you clear vision even at night. You will never miss what is happening around you. It sends notification to your phone it sense a motion.

How To Set It Up

Setting up our Mini HD Security Camera is easy. it will take just a minute and you already enjoying the security




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