Mini Car Vacuum
Mini Car Vacuum
Mini Car Vacuum
Mini Car Vacuum

Mini Car Vacuum

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Imagine Driving In a Super Clean Car

Our Mini car vacuum Cleaner guarantees a clean car interior. Whether you want to keep up with the mess the kids causes in the car or you are an UBER driver who needs to keep your car clean for passengers, this mini car vacuum cleaner is for you! 

Powerful Suction

5000pa and 44000r/min gives you enough power to suck every tiny trash out from any hidden place. Our Mini Car Vacuum Cleaner have enough capacity to hold all the trash from your car

Vacuum Or Blow Dust

Don't leave any dust behind, If you can't vacuum it-blow it. Our Mini Car Vacuum Cleaner gives you both options,

Small But Many Uses

Get the trash out of all the hard to reach places. With the multiples nozzles to use, you will always be able reach trash anywhere 

Wireless Convenience

There is no huge tube or wires attached to Our Mini Car Vacuum Cleaner that gives you convenience of vacuuming anywhere in the car

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